ZYCOO CooVox V1.1.0 Firmware Release

Firmware ตัวล่าสุดสำหรับ ZYCOO CooVox  U60/U100 ครับ ปรับปรุงประสิทธิภาพ และแก้ Bug ต่างๆ

Background Fixed:
1. Adjusted the time error of Asia/Jerusalem and Asia/Tel_Aviv in NTP.
2. Fixed the configuration problem of audio codec in IAX2 protocol.
3. Define the Caller Name as Null when incoming call comes from analog port.
4. Modify the Auto Provision function: Renewal the config content of Yealink.

Background Added:

1. Added PPTP client watch process.
GUI Fixed:
1. Recording list can be paged. (Administrator & Extension User GUI).
2. Fax can be showed on list. (Administrator & Extension User GUI).
3. Adjusted the language options to be synchronized with system language in VoIP trunk settings.
GUI Added:
1. Add Russian language option in the GUI.
2. Support DST(daylight saving time) for Tehran Time.
3. Added more brands IP Phone for Auto Provision:
1) Support auto-provision with Cisco IP Phone SPA303 (TFTP(DHCP
Option66) only, DOES NOT support PnP);
2) Support auto provision with MOCET IP Phone IP3032E (Default is PnP,
also support TFTP(DHCP Option66));
สามารถ download ได้ที่  http://www.zycoo.com/html/Download.html